Meditation/Ambient Review: Michael Whalen-Walk in Beauty Like The Night

Release Date: July 21, 2023

Label: Independent


Michael Whalen is one of the busiest people in the music industry. I am just finishing covering one release, and another one is ready. He has been on a creative run since his career began. The man does not have an “off” switch.

Luckily for all music lovers, we regularly receive this musical renaissance man’s work. I have always enjoyed his musical eclecticism and look forward to what he will do next.


Walk in Beauty Like The Night is as advertised. It is romantic meditation for ambient piano from start to finish. It always feels like it is what I need to hear when I start listening. 


The track titles are enough to hook you and pull you into an immersive state of mind or meditation. And that is the point of this recording. I can only speak for myself, but this is the kind of music that relaxes me. I am sometimes stressed and don’t even know it, which has become the normal state of consciousness. I find this very concerning. Most of the time, my only outlet is an invitation to an alternative form of being that Michael can offer us all if you want to try it. I highly recommend that you do.


“The Most Humid Sexy Summer” does not sound like it could be the type of music I just described. It intimates some things but is a bit different musically than its predecessors. The beginning sounds like it will be a step away from the core concept, but it changes rather quickly as the ambiance of the keyboards fills your room. The backing layer is very ambient as Michael’s skill on the keys takes over and continues to coax you into that relaxing meditative state you so desperately need.


When creating a recording of ten tracks with the promise of romanticism and meditation, you must be consistent with your approach, style, mastering, and sound. Michael addresses all those key components. Whatever drives him to create this music, I will probably never understand. And I do not need to; I have to listen and absorb what the artist conveys in the package, the cover art, the track titles, and the music presented to follow it. That is what anyone must do.


“Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me...” is also slightly different in sound and presentation and matches the title’s purposefulness. It reminded me of Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream. Whom I frequently reference while listening to this type of music. After all, they were pioneers of ambient sounds using variations of keyboards. And I am sure a massive influence on so many endeavors in the new age and subgenres. That puts things into a clearer picture and perspective for new listeners, I would like to believe. If, for some reason, you may have doubts listen closely to “We Are All Made of Stars” or “Such Sweet Sorrow,” you may also realize how that all connects.  


“What We Love Deeply” started playing, and I felt touched emotionally. Then my four-legged friend entered the room to validate the song and my love for man’s best friend. The timing was perfect. And sometimes, it is when it comes to different expressions of art forms such as music.

Stardust, we are ladies and gentlemen. Realizing that makes us a little more insignificant in a vast universe we may never know. Then again, everyone is part of that vastness, and music can make us feel whole again and find that connection to the divine within. Thanks again, Michael, for another beautiful album to enjoy.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-NAMR Founder

June 20, 2023


01. Walk In Beauty, Like The Night

02. Anywhere Anytime Anything For You

03. Eternity Floats In Your Eyes

04. Always For The First Time

05. The Most Humid Sexy Summer

06. Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me...

07. We Are All Made of Stars

08. What We Love Deeply

09.Such Sweet Sorrow

10. Our Home By The Sea

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