New Age Music Review: Chakuna Machi Asa - Auroral Magic

Release Date: June 11, 2021

Label:  Independent


I am always in search of something different and inspiring when it comes to my listening experiences. That is something I do not expect before any listen but when it happens, I am filled with joy and anticipation throughout the entire listen.

I felt blessed once again when Chakuna Machi Asa started singing the first track “Blood of Our Ghost” on her recent release Auroral Magic. I understand the title of that track is not typically new age, but then again this is not your typical new age recording.

There is tremendous creativity and variety on this album. From new age, chill, meditation, piano-based, ambient, and everything else, like sounds of nature, comes together splendidly. It is primarily instrumental for focus although hearing vocals is a nice change at times.

The opening track got my interest and attention right away. That is exactly the way to start an album. As I mentioned earlier, I found the title quite striking and prolific at the same time. Chakuna’s voice is very effective and you will warm right up to it. It is a very catchy tune.

I particularly liked the way “The Wind” was so relaxing and natural and how ethereal and mysterious “Time Womb” was. Now that is another thought-provoking title. Are you in your own “Time Womb” or can you create a new one while listening to this music? I suppose each individual has to find out for themselves. I believe that music is a very personal experience and if it is good enough, it can heal you and become your own story.

Keep in mind what the artist is trying to accomplish with her music. She wants to invite all listeners to take a deep dive into their spirituality and to discover our gifts. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and music such as this can bring you to more realizations regarding your humanity and capabilities. The key to the kingdom here is to allow the sounds, vibrations, colors, and atmospheres to guide you down the necessary path to your enlightenment. Again, it is an individual thing for each listener as it should be.

This album comes exactly as advertised, magic, Auroral Magic, for all its colors, complexities, simplicity, beauty, and wonderment. For many listeners, including myself, these wonderful sounds will be a journey of discovery and awakenings. I would think that is exactly what the artist would like you to experience once you have enjoyed this powerful musical creation and artistic statement.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
July 14, 2021

01. Blood of Our Ghost (4:03)
02. Elven Magic (3:07)
03. Planet Xeron (6:19)
04. Dancing Reflections (2:41)
05. The Wind (6:40)
06. Time Womb (5:45)
07. Blue Moon (6:20)
08. Space Shift (5:02)
09. Our Escape (7:46)
10. The Whale Song (5:45)
11. John (7:28)
12. Auroral Magic (4:51)

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