Instrumental New Age Review: Marika Takeuchi-Rain Stories

Release Date: November 11, 2014
Label: Indie

A little over a year ago Marika Takeuchi released an impressive album titled Impressions. Now she has returned stronger than ever with Rain Stories.

Her piano playing is outstanding. On the opening track “Rain In The Park,” her music is built around one simple theme (which carries through the recording) and it is mesmerizing. The track brings forth, excuse the expression, a flood of emotions. Its beauty is so overwhelming it nearly brought me to tears. It is filled with a bittersweet sadness however I was really awestruck with the emotion it hit me with. The entire album is pure magic.

Marika’s music is influenced by classical compositions and as recognizable as that is, it still comes out sounding like a gorgeous new age instrumental. Every track one after the other produces different feelings and moods of what rain can bring. It is all transmitted through the talented fingers of this young artisan. I think what she has to offer is a gift from heaven and we are the fortunate recipients to have the opportunity to hear all of these healing sounds.

“Raindrops” actually sounds like rain with the way Marika lets her fingers dance along the ivory keys. Rain can fall hard or slow down to a drizzle and I think she really captures the delicacy and flow of Mother Nature so beautifully within the song. As they saying goes…a little rain can fall in everyone’s life but once the storm clears there are the warm rays of the sun and blue skies waiting to reappear. The entire piece, while audibly pleasing, is and can be very symbolic in anyone’s life.

“Koyo” or colorful leaves are to the Japanese autumn what cherry blossoms are to spring. Marika brings the beauty of Japan right to you with this song. With rain and dropping temperatures we get the foliage that the fall brings. I enjoy it every year and it looks as though God takes a huge paint brush in the sky and paints the landscape. It’s a wonderful thing to experience the changing seasons and even more captivating when envisioned through music.

Marika’s music is tremendously picturesque and moving. As I listen to this type of music more often I realize that it offers so much for each and every listener. It can serve as a time for relaxation, meditation, or used as soundtrack music for films or plays. It has a multitude of gifts to offer and the only requirement is to hit the play button, sit back and absorb all the color, textures and sounds.

Rain Stories tell many tales built upon one simple foundation, what comes out the other side are many musical delights. The seed planted is about what the elements can bring and once that germinates there is so much more to take in and realize inside this beautifully performed music. 

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Rain In The Park, Raindrops, Koyo

01.Rain In The Park
02.Misty Night
04.Lost In Darkness
05.Alone In Dreams
10.After The Rain
11.Into The Sky

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

November 11, 2014

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