New Age Progressive Review-2002-Trail of Dreams

Release Date: October 7, 2014
Label: Galactic Playground Music

2002 continues down the path of progressive new age music with their latest offering Trail of Dreams. This amazing family group is comprised of Randy Copus (guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals), Pamela Copus (flutes, harp, keyboards, vocals) and their remarkable 10 year old daughter Sarah (harp, vocals). Suffice it to say, this is a multifaceted family.

Trail of Dreams entails some story telling. So not only does this recording provide a journey for the mind, body and soul, there are characters in the stories that go on their journeys as well. The music accompanies these explorers. Yogananda travels far away to America to deliver the spirituality of India. Then the character Honera O’ Flynn is kidnapped from her homeland of Ireland and brought to America. She eventually finds her destiny and that misfortune shapes her future in a positive fashion. I find this all very interesting as I usually listen to primarily instrumental new age music. This is where the progressive nature of the music takes hold and settles in to build a foundation for each storyline.

The music is a lush landscape where every word just floats along like a fluffy white cloud. Sarah sounds light years ahead of her age for vocal maturity and talent. I can only imagine how far she is going to go as time passes. The opener is a gorgeous track that literally brings you “Into The Light.” It is a showcase for all their talents to shine as a functioning musical unit, together as one.

On the title track “Trail of Dreams” Randy reminded me fondly of Jon Anderson (Yes, Solo). “Far From Home” is an instrumental treasure painting the picture of a person’s sadness and the place of their birth. If you have a place that you call home, there are many emotional attachments and then if it all disappears it can be a traumatic experience. All of this comes through crystal clear through atmospheres created in the music.

This band knows how to utilize all their talent in an exceptional manner. Throughout the course of Trail of Dreams you feel elation, peacefulness and an overall spirituality that the music delivers. It is a wonderful thing and I have not heard an album by this talented family that I have not appreciated and fully enjoyed. There were times I was overwhelmed with joy and blissfulness then also a sadness that made me reflect on family members that have passed through the years. Music, good music, has a way of bringing on the entire range of emotions and that is why it can heal your soul. Another job well done by 2002.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Into The Light, Trail of Dreams, Far From Home

01. Into The Light
02. Sky
03. Wait For Me
04. Trail of Dreams
05. Tá mé 'mo shuí
06. Navigatio
07. Follow Your Star
08. Far From Home
09. Deep Horizon
10. Ever Onward

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

September 20, 2014

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