New Age Instrumental Review: Ann Sweeten-Tapestries of Time

Release Date: February 14, 2014
Label: Orange Band Records

Ann Sweeten has been delighting audiences for seventeen years with her exquisite performances. In her newest album Tapestries of Time, Sweeten is even more focused than ever, providing a musical experience like no other. An activist, actress and environmentalist, Sweeten is dedicated to using her music as a healing tool. A breast cancer survivor, she is active in programs that promote artist and patient interaction. This new album is Sweeten’s tenth and is co-produced with the legendary Will Ackerman.

A blend of classical style with improvisational flair, this album comes to life with “Afterglow.” A melodious experience, the music just flutters there, hovering like a butterfly on the wing.  

“Cavu” is a term in aviation that describes ceiling and visibility unlimited. This song was written and dedicated to Sweeten’s father, a Navy Pilot in WWII. The piece floats and twists smooth as a plane drifting through the clouds. Elements of string instruments delight and summon memories and a moment in time that will be held deep in my heart forever. The plodding rhythm carries you along as you experience the cohesive nature of this piece.

“Send Me An Angel” is a proclamation against animal testing. Sit there and look out through the bars. Someone in a white coat comes and opens your cage. A hand reaches inside and something is plunged into your flesh. It burns and hurts, but there is nothing you can do. The hand puts you back in the cage, leaving you there in pain. What have they injected into you? Will it cause cancer? There is no way to know. The endless hours of staring out and watching the world go by never cease. Sweeten captures this hopeless feeling in poignant detail with a composition that will bring tears to your eyes. Eloquent piano strains fill your eyes as the hope of these little animals reaches out like an infinite prayer. Animal testing, no matter the good it may do is still an atrocity and that will never change.

“Riversong” is dedicated to a space dear to Sweeten’s heart. The river travels far and wide, but this place stays the same. The lull of tempered melodies and the majesty of  the Oboe, English Horn and a small part for the French Horn within the piece bring the listener to that tranquil place where nothing matters but where you are. The river is there and you hear its song.
“The Great Divide” brings to life a poem Sweeten composed about the gap between adults and their inner child. Keep the magic alive and reach inside yourself to find that elusive light. Never forget the magic. Sweeten’s talented fingers lead you through an inner journey; a reawakening of the spirit.

Each piece in Tapestries of Time is in some way a reflection of a special memory held by the artist. Whether it is her father and his experiences in WWII in “Cavu” or an awakening of the spirit in “The Great Divide,” Sweeten’s hypnotic compositions relax and restore. Her plea to stop animal cruelty in “Send Me An Angel” is vitally important. As someone who lives with rescue dogs, it warms my heart to see her fighting for the rights of animals everywhere. Each and every track is special and spending a week listening to it is not nearly enough time. This album has earned a long time presence in my library. Ms. Sweeten has the fingers of an angel and the heart of a warrior. She has won her own personal fight with cancer and helps others to do the same all the while trying to protect the animals that get thrown in the middle. Some people are heroes. They don’t wear capes but they do fly. Ann Sweeten is one of those. Music is her super power and she uses it with dead on laser accuracy. Beauty, grace and selflessness come out of every note. 

If you want an album that will take your breath away, you won’t want to miss Tapestries of Time.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Afterglow, Cavu, Send Me an Angel, Riversong

Dana Wright

March 6, 2014


01. Afterglow

02. Cavu (Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited)

03. Endless Sky

04. Hypnotique

05. Ventanas Al Mar (Windows to the Sea)

06. Of Clouds and Dreams

07. Send Me an Angel

08. Tapestries of Time

09.The Great Divide

10.The Hourglass


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