Instrumental Meditation Review: Ivan Valles-Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta

Release Date: December 4, 2020

Label: Musical Spa


Before listening to meditation music do you ask yourself a series of questions to justify it or does happen with the natural flow of the day? That is the way I have always looked at life when doing certain things. Things do change as time passes; I still do that in some instances especially on my day job. I have to constantly ask myself “What is the most important thing you can do right now?”

With music things are much different. It has become a matter of fact part of my life that I enter into naturally without much thought. So, looking at that from my perspective, that is healthy and good for my mental and spiritual wellbeing. Music, any music, is a spiritual journey for me.  

Music like what you will find on the new Ivan Valles recording Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta could easily become a quintessential part of any day. Many of us need this kind of music to unwind from the day, clear our minds, and get into that space or time capsule if you will and experience a different kind of existence. It is a dimension of peace and can be a spiritual center for many listeners. I know meditation is a discipline, at first it is, then it becomes something you look forward to, kind of like a daily workout, you do it because it gives you good energy and a sense of accomplishment. Music pulls you into a nonphysical space and allows you to focus on mind, body and spirit. This is the core of who we are and it brings us home. I think it can be a glimpse of what our existence will be once we leave our physical bodies.

So, what will one find taking in the sixteen tracks on Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta. First of all, what is Deep Theta? I know many people that are reading this right now know exactly what that is but for those who do not here is some info to explain the difference between different types of music that engages different states of mind…

Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition. ... In theta we are in a dream; vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond our normal conscious awareness.

Starting at the age of eleven years on the piano to present day through Musical Spa, Ivan Valles has had over 30,000 albums sold, 170,000 song downloads, and 78 million streams. And certainly, that number will exponentially rise.

Based on that information it certainly sounds like it can be a very healing and enlightening experience. This fourth volume of meditation music from Ivan Valles should get you to that deep state of awareness and healing. Think of it as the portal into the soul, our dreams, it is similar to that. Different things are presented to us in our dreams, such as answers to questions, a look into the future or a warning, it is up to us whether or not we take the guidance. This is what this music is, a guide to reach a certain point of consciousness. It is very light and ambient and it gently invites you in and once you are fully relaxed it will sweep you away naturally, it will happen when you have accepted the path and have the full desire to get to that state of mind.

Along the way while listening to these tracks, you will hear sounds of nature folded into the music. After all, it would not be complete without adding the natural sounds we know and love. Those are sounds that touch our inner soul, our humanity and our distinctive connection with Mother Earth.

Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta
  is the teacher and you are the student but you become the master of your destiny by accepting the invitation to another realm of thought and being. It works beautifully if you let it. Think of the music as your magic carpet ride to new and fulfilling destinations. That is the promise of this beautiful journey with the music of Ivan Valles, who holds the key to unlock that doorway.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Review
September 21, 2020

Track List:
01. Sunrise
02. Breathe
03. Inner Balance
04. Lotus
05. Mindfulness
06. Love and Kindness
07. Reflections
08. Seeds of Wisdom
09. Soothing Vibrations
10. Equilibrium
11. Searching for Paradise
12. Intuition
13. Namaste
14. Into the Light
15. Ocean Dreams
16. Warm Embrace

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