New Age Instrumental Review: Ryan Michael Richards-Experiences

Release Date: 2014
Label: Independent

When you read about the path a professional musician takes often it starts when they are 3 years old. There are many that do not start their life in music until their teens. Such is the path of Ryan Michael Richards who began his musical journey at around 14. 

Experiences is his first full length recording. The album consists of 11 instrumental tracks that fit squarely into the acoustic guitar new age genre. The atmospheres created are light and inviting and set you up to immerse your consciousness into a total relaxed and spiritual state.

Experiences was recorded with Grammy award winning producer and guitarist Will Ackerman and master sound engineer Tom Eaton. As many artists do, Ryan traveled to the Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont to take an unforgettable musical journey. You can hear the influence of Ackerman in his picking style and the sound is crystal clear throughout this CD, making it an instant success. There is something about those studios that allows acoustic music to come alive into a full bodied sound. The flow and confidence of this recording becomes apparent at the outset of the lead off track.

The ever important opening track kisses you gently with the sunshine of a new day. “Her Garden” is full of earthly delights as Ryan introduces delicate guitar passages that open your eyes to a new world created by well placed notes and rhythms. Then you are led to “Pathway of Love,” a strong track indicated by the title. The music emulates the given title and it follows strongly with superb guitar playing to a path of enlightenment and joy. It made me feel clear and pure of body, mind and spirit, like a pristine mountain stream with the melting ice of spring to chill it just right.

The closer “Day of Play” is showcase of guitar virtuosity as you hear Ryan’s hand going up and down the fret board, you know he is working hard to coax all of those sounds out of his instrument. The hard work pays off as the end result is beauty and divining that closes the curtain on a masterful outing in instrumental music.

Ryan Michael Richards has created a new age instrumental classic with Experiences and anyone that has the opportunity to listen to this album should. You will walk away feeling refreshed and whole while be mindful of the fact that you can do it all again whenever you like. This is not just music for New Age or instrumental fans; it is something anyone that enjoys acoustic guitar tracks can appreciate.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Pathway to Love, Her Garden, Day of Play

01. Her Garden       
02. Heather Moon       
03. Pathway to Love       
04. Coastline       
05. Delightful Mysteries       
06. On the Way to the Shore       
07. Joyous Days       
08. Townbank Bay       
09. Victorian Love       
10. Daniella's Dream   
11. Day of Play

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

October 8, 2014

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