New Age Instrumental/Solo Piano Review: Roger Davidson-Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies & Meditations for Solo Piano

Release Date: June 10, 2014
Label: Soundbrush Records

People like Roger Davidson receive a gift from a higher power or a superior intelligence at a very early age. At four years old he was drawn to the piano and began playing and improvising. He continues on to this day bringing the solace and joy of the ivory keys through his compositions.

The recently released Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies & Meditations for Solo Piano is a gorgeous collection of solo piano works. The tracks range from classical to new age and on to jazz-infused piano throughout, in any combination of all the genres. This is an album that eases your mind, body and spirit. Yes, the triangle of life receives a surge of energy by absorbing this powerful yet serene music.

On the artist website it states the following: The solo piano pieces on this CD show what happens when Roger, in a reflective mood, simply lays his hands on the keys. The influences of a lifetime flow through him. You may hear nods to Gershwin, Jobim, and Ravel, and to the wealth of styles he has absorbed in his travels. The album, he says, is “not just a journey of the spirit; it’s an intuitive journey around the world. When you have the right color and the right kind of brush to express a feeling or a quality of life, it instinctively comes up and becomes part of the fabric of each piece.”

That puts everything into proper perspective. The simplicity of one man sitting at a piano and creating such beauty is a wonder to me. I listen to many forms of music and some of it is very complex. This kind of experience allows you to appreciate artistry in its finest form. You bear witness to an enlightened soul letting the music do all the talking. I think that is much more difficult than singing along to a tune. Davidson has the ability to make it all seem so natural and flowing; it’s comparable to a river running down a mountainside, giving life wherever it may go. In essence this perception, as the title of the album would indicate, literally feeds the temple of soul.

I found myself not only appreciating the sheer beauty of the music, but what each piece was communicating to me. “Temple of the Soul” breaks the ice, ever so sweetly, while the majesty of an “Ethereal Ocean” of sound sweeps you away with tides of peace and introspection. “Blessing” holds beauty, proud and strong at the outset, then it allows for tranquility to prevail as it moves along. If your ears are open there is so much to take with you while paying attention to this music. Every track is a special journey that can be translated to your own understanding.

Temple of the Soul: Rhapsodies & Meditations for Solo Piano is a good listen for any time day or evening. Simplicity and beauty abound through the fingers of this talented man, Roger Davidson. This recording comes highly recommended from this listener.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Temple of the Soul, Ethereal Ocean, Blessing

01. Temple of the Soul
02. Ethereal Ocean
03. Forest Prayer
04. Blessing
05. From the Rising Run
06. In the Eye of the Storm
07. Desert Light
08. Blue Voyage
09. Freedom From All
10. Journey of Wisdom
11. Waves of Reflection

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

July 16, 2014

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

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