New Age Instrumental Review: Steven Vitali-Language of the Soul

Release Date: June 10, 2013
Label: Vitali Music Entertainment Corporation / Dream Music Publishing

Steven Vitali began his musical journey with an upright piano and a dream. Thirty five years later he is still making music and sharing his gift of emotionally intuitive soundscapes. In his album Language of the Soul, Vitali has seventeen original instrumental pieces he composed, arranged and produced himself. Each one holds a resonance of time, space and memories reaching out to the listener, providing a tranquil moment in a hectic world.

“Everything Happens for a Reason” was a piece inspired by Vitali’s friend Larry Dunn. Elegant keyboard fans out and encapsulates the musical landscape. Electronic elements span out across the background, bleeding into the picture like a watercolor stretching across a paper canvas. Rife with color and texture, this piece is joyful and spontaneous. Vocals pop in at the last segment of the song, highlighted with glittering percussion. The composition and arrangement of this piece is very well done and it captured my attention immediately. 

“A Sign of the Dragon” begins with a foreboding Asian flare. Like the soundtrack for a beautifully costumed drama set in the Far East in the time of ninjas and warring dynasties, this piece holds wisps of the past. Electronic keyboard components pop and bring the track back to modern times. Chanting and a spiraling percussive element add layers and complexity to the song. Sounds of wind, water and elemental magic stir the imagination as the listener bear witness to the mystery and majesty of a being lost in the mists of time. If you listen closely, you can hear the brush of the dragon’s wings.

“Hope’s Theme” was written in memory of Vitali’s dog, Hope. Keyboards send the song whirling to life with a light romping arrangement. A dog lover myself, I can see the feeling he had for his furry child in every note. From the ethereal twinkle of the bells, to the voices calling out love and greetings from behind the veil, the piece also calls back the times of playful wandering. The simple things are the ones we miss when they’re gone. The velvet touches of a dog’s face as she lays her cheek against yours at night. The soulful eyes that see into your soul and love you even on your worst day. Those are the moments frozen in time…in memories. This song brings back Hope and I can see her bounding along having a carefree moment in the company of her master. Those are the times that make life worth living.

Steven Vitali has a way of grasping the emotional energy of a memory or situation and giving it life within a few notes of well-orchestrated music. Language of the Soul is exactly what the title claims it to be. This album is a window to the inner life of an artist. Instruments include keyboards, piano, guitar, drums and percussion.  From a song for a friend to memories of his mother and canine companion, this album is a relaxing soundscape of eloquently put together electronic sound and classical improvisation. I enjoyed it immensely and it is a perfect way to end a very busy day.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Everything Happens for a Reason, A Sign of the Dragon, Hope’s Theme

01.Everything Happens for a Reason
02.Guitar of Soul
04.Be the Miracle
05.Creative Soul
06.Human Race Humanity a Runner in Motion
07.A Sign of the Dragon
08.Forever Germaine
09.Soul and the Senses
10.Maritime Shores
11.Red Piano
13.Soul Healing
14.Tomorrow Starts Here
15.My Father My Prayer
16.Hope's Theme
17.Piano in Paris

Dana Wright, Sr. Staff Writer

July 18, 2014

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

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