Contemporary Instrumental Review: Evan Wish-Alone In A Crowd

Release Date: October 1, 2020

Label:  ‎ Independent


Have you ever felt like you were Alone In A Crowd? It is an unfortunate feeling however it does happen to some of us. I have learned that it is a psychological thing when one is trapped within their mind without any escape route. When nothing can distract you from the deep-seated feelings and thoughts you are experiencing, then any amount of people around you would not matter. This may be relatable or so farfetched for some. We are different with experiences all our own. The one thing we can all relate to is good music.

As Evan Wish is pictured alone with his piano on a stage, it is the perfect vision of being Alone In A Crowd. This is his latest instrumental piano offering comprising contemporary, classical, and new age, into every track. This music embodies romanticism, joy, sadness, and the flow of life. Without uttering a single word Evan’s fingers take flight on the ivory keys and bring audio magic to your soul. What struck me readily was the sense of rhythm in his music. The piano is an amazing instrument and this artist knows how to manipulate it beautifully befitting each track title.

I found the title track very moving in several ways. It was an emotional journey for me, spurring those old feelings I had described previously, yet the music made it feel different. It was like the healing of that moment in time when I felt that way. Even though it was something so long ago for me, it is easy enough to reach back and revisit. What I learned in this particular timeframe was it is ok to be reminded of the past but to focus on the here and now. In essence, enjoy the music, go with the feelings and the flow of the sounds you are hearing and let it take you where it may.

When I enjoy a musical experience as I have with Alone In A Crowd, it seems to travel so fast. Like a short story with a succinct beginning and end. If you enjoy being swept away by superb piano instrumental music, this recording will become one of your favorites of the year.

Evan Wish…teacher, world traveler, storyteller, and immaculate musician, takes all of his experience and wraps them into a warm blanket called Alone In A Crowd. Having that warmth takes away the loneliness and comforts you. The blanket is the music and Evan provides all the warmth you could ever need as he weaves a tapestry of sound, vibrations, and color to fill you up with the love of life. You never have to feel alone again with these moving 10 tracks.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
August 2, 2021 


01. The Hill
02. Alone in a Crowd
03. Fleeting Beauty
04. (Full) August Moon Love
05.(For) Just a Penny        
06. Falling into You
07. Silhouette    
08. Carousel         
09. Sometime Around Midnight    
10. I Like Us

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