Instrumental New Age-Ambient Review: Glenn Murawski-Peaceful Reflections

Release Date: December 15, 2021

Label: Independent


Glenn Murawski has many different influences from Beethoven to Radio Head. He was an avid video game enthusiast during the 80s and 90s and always appreciated the soundtracks on the games and admired how they were arranged. With that bit of information in mind, it makes you wonder what kind of interesting musical experience lies ahead on his most recent release Peaceful Reflections.

While I cannot relate to the world of video games I sure can to some good instrumental music.

“Towards the Light” sets the tone with plenty of ambient electronic sounds and textured layers of bright colors. This kind of rhythm and sound exchange can help to get you into the proper mindset to settle in and enjoy what is to come.

“Dreaming” for instance takes an entirely different approach with some lovely acoustic piano with lighter tones and textures to give you some deep relaxation. Peace and inspiration are the intent of this music. Glenn, along with many other artists from last year into this new year, are promoting peace, calm, and the unity of their music, to help us all heal from one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the US. I for one certainly appreciate this kind of music and honestly believe that the folks in music are one of the unsung heroes. They too are on the front lines to lend a hand for our well-being, working hard to put together these incredibly beautiful recordings for us to enjoy. You may not actually see them or know them, but they are everywhere sending us these musical messages we all need to hear. It is not complicated, it works very well and is the magic potion of our times that we all must give a chance. If it's only for 30 minutes once a day, it will soothe you from the inside out.

I found “Ocean Moon” one of the more interesting tracks with the variable sounds and the subtle drone for the focus of the listener to hone in on while also letting the other instruments create their pathways to your soul. I had to add this track to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist. It is my honor roll for superb tracks on many of the albums I review.

Glenn makes sure he keeps your interest from track to track. While variety is the spice of life, it remains the key to the kingdom for a recording artist. It unlocks the door many of us have closed for our own protection. By letting it open another world comes in and brings us to another space in time. It is all very spiritual I must say, at least for my own experience it is.

While listening to “Calm Dwellings” I again found a different take on the use of instrumentation and there was some solace to be found. “The End of Sadness” is yet another different turn down the road of diversity with a crossover new age to world sound. The excellent variety with all of Glenn’s influences and experience intersecting in his creations, keeps you spellbound wondering what is to come on the next track. I am appreciative of that kind of energy and excitement in music.

Peaceful Reflections offers listeners a brief moment in time when the surrounding world is shut off to temporarily give you time to regenerate and get a fresh outlook on a new day. In this world of music there is a sense of wonderment and promise that we simply do not have by listening to all the media chatter and social media bombardment coming at us 24/7. This is a detour down a different road and one you will want to go to often.

It is 2021 and we are all ready to usher in a new year with a change that will revitalize the human spirit with recordings like Peaceful Reflections.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
January 7, 2021

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Track List:
01. Towards the Light 07:21
02. Pax Aeterna 01:49   
03. Dreaming 04:35
04. Ocean Moon 04:25       
05. Calm Dwellings 05:04   
06. The End of Sadness 05:19
07. Chamber of Serenity 08:34   
08. The Good Hours 04:18   
09. Times are Changing 06:01
10. Years Gone By 02:29   
11. Wish I Could Fly 03:22
12. Prayers for Sleeping 05:40
13. Bastion of Hope 06:17
14. On the Horizon 04:12

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