Gravity Picks - Yay or Nay?

PictureAbout a year ago, I contacted Chris from Gravity Picks for a chance to try out some of his handcrafted picks. I had heard countless praise for these little guys, and had to try them out for myself. Chris was very easy to talk to, and he happily sent me a sample.

I was able to sample both the Classic Mini and the Razer. The Classic Mini was similar to the size of a Dunlop Jazz III, but the bottom was rounded out a bit more, which considerably softened my pick attack. I've never been a fan of picks with such a rounded tip, but this just felt good in my hands. The Razer was up next, and I am happy to save I was very impressed. It is about the same size as the Classic Mini, and the tip is a bit sharper than your average tip. This sharp tip lends itself to some ultra-precise shredding. Playing a fast passage feels smooth as butter, and pinch harmonics come with ease.

I absolutely LOVE the material these picks are made from. You never lose your grip, even on those hot summer days when your hands are getting awkwardly sweaty. Not to mention, they are built to last and wear down considerably slower than an ultex, celluloid or pick. They may be on the expensive side, but if you're looking for a little luxury, Gravity Picks may be just right for you.

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