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Instrumental Classical-New Age Review: Terry Lee Nichols-The Pale Blue Dot

Release Date: August, 3, 2020

Label: Soundscape Productions


The more you read about Terry Lee Nichols and his release The Pale Blue Dot the more interesting and intriguing it becomes. I have also had a fascination for space exploration and was reading astronomy books at a very young age. After looking at all the notes provided with this release, I anticipated an amazing aural ride through the cosmos. As it turned out that is exactly what I experienced.

On February 14, 1990, NASA's Voyager 1 probe snapped a photo of Earth from 3.7 billion miles (6 billion kilometers) away which was referred to as The Pale Blue Dot. There was a lot of excitement about all this and the music you will hear on this recording is as cinematic and beautiful as you would expect. It is about the voyage, the vastness of space, and the fact that here on earth we look like a lonely planet inside an endless universe of solar systems and galaxies. 

The one I track I decided was my favorite and I added to my New Age Music Reviews Spotify Playlist was “Asteroids.” It is a lovely track filled with the foundation of classical piano and the sounds of space ending with whooshing and powerful sounds of an asteroid passing by.

I loved this on Terry’s website page where there is a media player to stream the entire album…

Mission Statement: In The Pale Blue Dot, I try to provide resonance to our ever-growing knowledge of who we are, where we came from, and what may help life on this planet continue well into the future. The language used is intended to celebrate scientific achievement in a way that fosters spiritual revelation, examines the social fabric of our species, and provides hope for our future.

That is a very prolific and meaningful thought process and the motivation behind this cinematic and thought-provoking (mostly) instrumental voyage through the stars.

“East of Eden (feat. Rebekah Eden)” is a gorgeous track with the addition of Rebekah Eden’s wordless vocals which serves as an added instrument. This is the story of Cain and Able. According to the book of Genesis, they were the first two humans born. Cain murdered Able, making him the first to die. Of course, there are more details to the storyline and the track is one of many shining moments on the recording.

Terry Lee’s piano playing is exquisite throughout in The Pale Blue Dot along with many layers of keyboards, sounds, and effects that complete each track and make it a full experience to reflect each title.

“Memories of Love” is a very touching song and when you see the accompanying picture on the media player it will melt your heart. On the other side of that, there is the absolute truth about “Global Warming,” which hits you hard when you see the picture of the melting and steaming earth. This is a scientific fact so don’t let the politicians in Washington ignoring this and saying it is not true or a hoax fool you. I think that most people with any sense of reality can see this happening with all the natural disasters across the globe. It is an epic track, to say the least, and yet another wake-up call. So, when we will ever wake up before it's gone too far and we commit genocide of the human race and all its inhabitants? It is a hard thing to watch knowing what the ultimate end will be if we do not take action and make it our priority. I do not want to see my grandkids going to Mars to live under a dome and our blue globe turning into a massive desert.

“The Pale Blue Dot (Train to Dachau Redux)” ends significantly with the voices of people from around the world. The solo narrative holds impact and truth based on the realities that we face and have always since our existence. And Carl Sagan says, it is “the only home we have ever known.” We should cherish, respect it, and take care of it for our future generations. The future is now, we are living it. Sometimes it takes a message like this to sink in and hit home and some incredibly moving music to push it all one step further. All things considered; The Pale Blue Dot is one of the most important releases of 2020.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 21, 2020

Track List:
01. In the Beginning... (Quantum Fluctuations)    
02. Cosmic Dark Ages    
03. First Stars    
04. Stardust (Clouds of Gas and Dust) [feat. Rebekah Eden]
05. Asteroids    
06. The Cambrian Explosion    
07. East of Eden (feat. Rebekah Eden)
08. Child's Play
09. Memories of Love    
10. Global Warming
11. The Pale Blue Dot (Train to Dachau Redux)

Instrumental New Age/Classical Review: Terry Lee Nichols-At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father’s Tree

Release Date: August 19, 2016
Label: Heart Dance Records

Terry Lee Nichols first release has a very long and descriptive title. At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father’s Tree is a great title actually, and if you look at that title and the cover of the CD, you can see a story. So without ever hearing the music there is something happening. I would have to say that is a very good start.

Terry said: “I tried to create a soundscape/film score backdrop that reflected specific events throughout my life.” That statement tends to put it all into proper perspective for the listener.

There are 17 tracks that move along at a brisk pace. It seemed like before I knew it I was on track 6. This is because I was really enjoying what I was hearing. Being swept away by the music and hearing the story narrated by all the instruments is a beautiful thing.

The title track opens the door to the great outdoors pictured on the cover of the album. The music ushers in the atmosphere and sets the tone like any good opener should. First impressions are everything when you are listening to an album. I have always believed when you open that curtain to your audience, you better make an impact real soon or you will lose them…Terry Lee gets the job done. He captivates you and captures your spirit and imagination. Personal experiences of joy and emotional pain bring about many things and music can be the universal translator.

“Timekeeper” clocks in, no pun intended, at 3:07 and the pace is like that of a watch keeping good time. The piano rolls along but ever so delicately while bringing the listener to the end of the line in the most intentionally gentle way. The ride goes by much too fast but you are so appreciative. Short and sweet, this track makes a good impression from start to finish much like all of its predecessors.

The musicianship is outstanding on this recording and it definitely is the kind of quality music you would hear on a grade A film. It also provides deep relaxation and a thought process that is more clear and precise than you could have during a busy day at work. It is not easy to empty out what is between your ears, and music such as this gives you carte blanche to do so.

I have heard such gorgeous instrumental music this year, it moves me, makes me reflective, grateful, happy, sad, reminiscent, basically the entire range of human emotion is prompted to rise within me and the music is my escort. That to me is the key to success with any recording.

“On My Way To See The Dancing Sisters Figg” is an upbeat track with Celtic World flavor with a nod to the classical genre however it ends up an amalgamation of them all and then becomes an instrumental new age masterpiece. It is a short jaunt coming in at 2:57 but I felt an injection of joy with a hint of the past smiling at me as it faded away. This was one of my favorites for its sparkling movements and how it changed my melancholy mood into joy in an instant. Once again the power of the music took me away and had a strong influence on my senses and reaction to the vibrations. 

“Sailing” is wonderful melody like a bright sunny day with a clear blue sky and I did just sail away with it. It also gave me the gift of freedom and spirituality. I always loved sailing on the lake with my father, god rest his soul. Joy with a hint of sadness is what I felt but the thoughts of freedom of the wind and waves gave me chills. It was all good so thank you Terry Lee.

At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father’s Tree is real triumph for the maiden voyage of artist Terry Lee Nichols. Putting out something so inspired and precise for a first album is an amazing accomplishment. The future certainly looks bright for this gentleman.

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father’s Tree, Timekeeper, On My Way To See The Dancing Sisters Figg


01. At Peace Beneath the Shade of My Father's Tree
02. Only You
03. Follow Me
04. Reflections
05. Appassionato
06. Timekeeper
07. Train to Dachau
08. Pamela's Time
09. On My Way To See The Dancing Sisters Figg
10. A Winter's Tale
11. Sailing
12. Crossroads
13. A Curious Life
14. Last Train Home
15. Autumn
16. Lullaby
17. Requiescat

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 23, 2016
Founder of:

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