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New Age-World Fusion Review: Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer-Deeper Imaginings

Release Date: November 15, 2019
Label: Independent

Paul Adams and Elizabeth have combined their talents once again to release Deeper Imaginings.  In 2015 the incarnation of this meeting came out titled Imaginings.

Every recording artist intends to reach their audience in some way. Dependent on the genre it can be for various reasons. When it comes to any kind of new age music, I have the opportunity to hear, there is one main focus, to bring a sense of comfort and healing to their prospective audience.

These very talented musicians that I like to refer to as artisans, decided to create something with a little bit of everything in it to make it a very interesting journey. I think it takes the soul of a multi-talented artist to create a project like Deeper Imaginings. In this case, it took several individual's contributions to make this project work. This amazing combination of new age, jazz, and world, is ultimately a satisfying fusion of all three genres. This is where the deeper reference comes in, it started as imaginings and now it is much deeper and reflective.

“The Unfolding” is a rich blend of genres with a calming fluidness to give it that meditative atmosphere of healing and an aura of energy. It has a far east flavor to it which puts a smile in my heart. I added it to my NAMR Spotify Playlist where it should be, alongside all the other great tracks by an artist in the same community that I want to create awareness of.

“Hope For The Game” has an interesting spoken word addition to go along with the music, yet another “deeper” dive into what can be our imaginings as sentient beings visiting this planet. We are just visitors for our lifetime and the planet will remain, at least we have that hope. We have the hope of a “New Morning” while we inhabit mother earth, that will live to see its beauty for another day. This is my interpretation however I do believe the recording artists would like to know that all those tracks are felt positively by each listener. I don’t think that will be a problem with this recording.

The combination of instruments is quite fascinating and different than your typical new age release because of the jazz element injected by Elizabeth Geyer’s Flugelhorn. Then her piano also helps that taste of jazz and in retrospect gives each track an entirely different musical window to look through. But then again, every instrument that is included adds another dimension, layer, and or texture making it all a very unique and symbol of the diversity of talent afforded a listener throughout the run of the eleven tracks.

Paul brings a lot to the table as well with a guitar, sitar, Chinese halusi, percussion, oud, synth, and dobro. This is where the world sound comes in and adds the spice and variety to each composition. All the elements come together for an amazing final partnership within each track. The “Endless Horizon” of sound and color will keep each listener enchanted from beginning to end. I find music with this much diversity to have the word “world” in it for one reason, we are one world and one people having the desire to live and love. This is one reminder of that goal.

The Players Are:
Paul Adams: Guitar, sitar, chinese halusi, percussion, oud, synth, dobro
Elizabeth Geyer: Piano, flugelhorn, vocals
Pravin Godkhindi: Bansuri flute
David Hoffman: Trumpet
Gary Green: Guitar
Alp Akmaz: Balaban (Duduk)

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
November 16, 2019

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

01. Endless Horizon
02. The Unfolding
03. Acceptance
04. New Morning
05. Essence & Flow
06. Allowing
07. Still Meadows
08. Awakening
09. All That I Am  
10. Evening
11. Hope For The Game

New Age Artists Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer To Release DEEPER IMAGININGS on November 15, 2019

DEEPER IMAGININGS by Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer is a follow up to 2015's IMAGININGS 

Bringing together some of the worlds most accomplished musicians, DEEPER IMAGININGS by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer is a follow up to 2015's IMAGININGS which debuted #1 on the iTunes new age chart and was the Zone Music Reporter's best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the year. It was a journey of happenstance, whimsy and the joy of sharing music and love between cultures. Elizabeth came all the way from Australia. Pravin Godkhindi played bansuri flute in India. Alp Akmaz who played the balaban (similar to duduk) is from Turkey. Former trumpet soloist and arranger David Hoffman is based in Illinois, and Gary Green of the legendary UK band Gentle Giant added gentle guitar.

Adams, with over 102 million streams on Pandora has shown that walking the road less traveled can work. “We all love to create much like a painter. The choice of color and hue is from the artist's whim and is independent from corporate dictate. I was thrilled to be able to use some of the instruments I built in my earlier years as a luthier. Guitars, dulcimer and electric sitar was blended with the natural genius of Elizabeth Geyer's piano, flugelhorn and voice, used in a textural and ambient way. Her ear is stunning and her musical intuition and training in jazz blended well with my rather improvised gentle folk approach, as well as training in ethnomusicology”

For Adams and Geyer, meeting Pravin Godkhindi on YouTube and Alp Akmaz on Instagram seems appropriate given today’s ease of technology. The fact that the musical co-operation was so natural shows what a tool it is to embrace and grow as the world shrinks around us. Adams comments that “there was an intuitive vibe in connecting with these musicians. A lot of freedom was encouraged. We had faith that each knew the best way to fill their role, and they really did.”  

DEEPER IMAGININGS can be found on the web and all digital sites like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify and Pandora

To purchase:
Apple Music
CD Baby

For more information, promo copies and interview requests contact:
Paul Adams at PH: 1-309-688-0267  /

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158,

New Age/Ethnic Fusion Review: Paul Adams-Imaginings

Release Date: September, 1, 2015
Label: Lakefront

Paul Adams is a man of many talents. A crafter of fine instruments, an artist, composer and nine critically acclaimed albums crossing several genres, what can this man not do? Imaginings is his newest accomplishment and together with the talented musicians Elizabeth Geyer, Pravin Godkhindi and David Hoffman they have crafted an album filled with meditative moments and pure fodder for the imagination just as the title to the album suggests. Instruments used in this album include the guitar, piano, hang drum, Chinese halusi, dobro, electric sitar and flute. 

The album opens up with the haunting strains of an electric sitar and the winding trails of flute music. Bearing the kiss of a piano, “Just Such Beauty” is a foray into the rainforest of lush musical experience. A buzzing sound denotes life uncoiling all around you as the breathless flute weaves a spell of expectation and bliss. This piece lulls the spirit into another place, guiding you past the trials of the day and into a higher place of spirit and substance. 

“Giggles and Grooves” is the second piece on the album and is a funny little piece complete with the laughter of children, flute, percussive elements and electric sitar. This song is the bounce and hop of a small child as they play ball with their friends. The skip and jump of a puppy learning first steps. The bubble in your belly of first love. A flower given. A grin on your face as your heart floats as light as the flute playing. Love and laughter live here within each and every note.

“Conch Shell by the Sea” is the last piece on the album. Echoes of time slip through the wisps of flute music as they sigh past your ear and into the vast ocean beyond. Piano music creates the waves that swirl and rush past your ankles as you step into the forever ocean. Life is limitless. Your possibilities great and ever flowing as the whisper of the conch spells out the secrets of the universe. 

“Imaginings” is an album rich with imagery that crosses into the New Age genre and also makes its mark with World Music. Improvisation runs rife through the thought provoking pieces, tangling up the spirit in a maze of lush plant life and effervescent compositions. Melodies hum and spin, carrying the listener deep into the meditative places that promote healing and stress relief. This is a remarkable album and I highly recommend it for some quality sound.

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Just Such Beauty, Giggles and Grooves, Conch Shell by the Sea


01. Just Such Beauty
Paul Adams, Pravin Godkhindi & Elizabeth Geyer

02. Giggles and Grooves (feat. David Hoffman & Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
03. Imaginings (feat. David Hoffman, Elizabeth Geyer & Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
04. Panda Bears At Breakfast (feat. Elizabeth Geyer & Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
05. Pastoral (feat. Elizabeth Geyer, Pravin Godkhindi & David Hoffman)
Paul Adams
06. Like Blue and Velvet (feat. Elizabeth Geyer)
Paul Adams

07. For Two Lovers (feat. Elizabeth Geyer)
Paul Adams

08. The Mysteries of Mood (feat. Pravin Godkhindi & David Hoffman)
Paul Adams

09. Upon Early Rising (feat. Elizabeth Geyer & Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
10. Clouds (feat. Pravin Godkhindi)
Paul Adams
11. Dawn
Paul Adams
12. Conch Shell By the Sea (feat. Elizabeth Geyer, David Hoffman & Elizabeth Geyer)
Paul Adams

Dana Wright, , Sr. Staff Writer
September 4, 2015
Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews