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Instrumental World-New Age Review: Kelly Andrew- Revelation

Release Date: May 14, 2021

Label: Independent


It has been over four years since I heard the music of Kelly Andrew. 2016’s Rendezvous was my introduction. It was quite an introduction as I recall and the music was very cinematic. Judging by the first track and title track “Revelation,” I was in for another journey to instrumental music nirvana.


Kelly creates music that stirs the soul and makes your heart beat faster, in a good way. This music can also invigorate and relax all within the same song. So, if you are the type of listener that is looking for all that moving and emotional music then you will love Revelation.


As the music progressed onward to the third track “Spark of Life,” you are engulfed in its awesome energy and sound. It is so picturesque. The track title is spot on. I envisioned a person climbing Mt. Everest and getting to the top to plant their flag. This is a typical journey one can take while listening to this music. For my enjoyment and listening experience, that is perfect and the music plants visions inside my head and gets me excited. This is not a meditative state by any means, it is just too beautiful and exhilarating for you to get to that plane of existence. I would keep in mind that there are elements of the music that can get you focused and relaxed enough to get into the healing phase. That is a different state of mind and a place that exists in our consciousness as well, that is activated right at the start of the music, whether you realize it or not. I am grateful for that awareness and all the power the music holds for me.


“Escape” is another very cinematic one that could be used in a particularly exciting action scene in a film. Also, I believe there are certain documentaries where this music would fit, think of Planet Earth or something along those lines, in the same line of thought, films that exhibit the power of mother nature at work is a thought that comes to mind.


On the other side of that is the world new age track “Onagar,” with its irresistible tribal beats, sounds, keyboards, synths, and breathy nonword vocals. It is what you would expect and want to hear in a track that fits the world new age genre. The entire album is that genre, it just comes at you from different places, styles, and persuasions. In any case, whatever the way it hits you, you know it and find yourself part of the story very quickly. Now to me, that is very cool, it’s like reading a great story without having to read any words. 


“Arrival” is another energy-packed track with some great lead guitar, and I mean rocking. It fits well but only lasts for 2:45 minutes and I could have listened to twice or three times as much with what that track had to offer. It is because I love to hear great guitar lines. That very fleeting disappointment ends with “Manifesto” that comes at your bursting with all the color and energy that life can offer in one song.


For some listeners, I think artists like Yanni or Rick Wakeman will come to mind with their fabulous on-stage presentations with full orchestras all around the main instrument, keyboards. Those big productions like Journey To The Center of The Earth were my first thought. I could not help but have those thoughts and images go through my head.


I give full credit to Kelly Andrew for a magnificent and exciting instrumental production that brings you all the color, textures, various sounds, and inspirational voices that are tied into all this music to give it that final touch, that push that makes you feel like anything is possible and life is good because we are alive and well to enjoy it. And in the end, it will be a Revelation


Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

July 18, 2021

01. Revelation (3:39)
02. Times Untold (3:23)
03. Spark of Life (3:34)
04. Humanity (4:38)
05. Escape (3:56)
06. Onagar (4:32)
07. Arrival (2:45)
08. Manifesto (3:11)
09. Rebellion (4:34)
10. Days of Van (2:27)
11. The Garden (3:19)
12. Material Sons (2:37)
13. Regret (5:16)
14. Veil of Tears (3:52)
15. Samaria (2:45)
16. Sage of Salem (5:42)
17. Divine Embrace (3:39)


Contemporary Instrumental Review: Kelly Andrew - Rendezvous

Release Date: October 28, 2016
Label: Journey Music Entertainment
Kelly Andrew is a composer, pianist and producer with an innate talent to create picturesque music without the need for vocals. His new album Rendezvous is due to release on October 28, 2016.

The opening and track “Chasing Twilight,” has very pleasing guitar lines combined with Kelly’s ivory keys. The track gets you in the right mood, rhythm and in sync with what the artist is trying accomplish through the music. I loved the way this recording opens the door to a journey of musical pleasures.

I think the value of this album is its ability to gain your undivided attention in short order. Kelly succeeds by offering something different with each successive song.  For instance, after a certain pace and mood is set with the opener it changes entirely on the following track “Hand in Hand” by using different instruments to create a worldlier feel than a contemporary instrumental could offer. Although the foundation of this music by and large is contemporary steeped in classical, the artist has the talent to add his own melodies and transitions to give it a life and energy all its own. It flows with continuity and grows as the album progresses.

As I mentioned on our featured track “Rendezvous” on Rate The Tracks, the combination of piano and sax in the track brings a nice mixture of classical, new age and jazz that will delight all kinds of music lovers. And I stand by that.  With that thought in mind the appealing and good mood of “Awake in a Dream,” had a similar effect on me. The sound is soothing and serves as some nice chill music - smooth jazz mixed in with ethereal new age piano makes for a great partnership. The title of the track alone is thought provoking and a perfect soundscape for a movie or TV special. Or it can be a soundtrack for your start of the day to focus and center or on the other side at end of the day to unwind. The music is what you make it and this kind of music lets you shape it into something just for you, it is friendly to the spirit and rectifies you like all good music should.

As the album spins along a web of intricacies are formed and you are captured into that web of calm and satisfaction. Music like this makes me grateful, at peace and recharges my supply of energy. Sometimes we all feel like a train going off the tracks, allowing circumstances or other people to push us off course. This music will keep your train on the tracks or at the very least restart the engines that got you there in the first place.

I thought the succession of tracks was interesting and made sense too in regards to the human condition otherwise known as the roller coaster of life at times. The last three tracks being the most prolific.

“Promise,” “Lonely Road” and “Hope” intersect and “Hope” closes out the album offering a positive transition from thoughts that may be clouding your consciousness and keeping you from moving forward. Promise and hope can be a lonely road without the right support and the music initiates those good feelings and thoughts to help you bring you into the light.

Kelly Andrew has taken the canvas of human emotion and painted a picture that turns into a Rembrandt of musical interpretation that you will want to experience more than once. Set up your Rendezvous with Kelly as soon as you can. 

5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Chasing Twilight, Rendezvous

 01. Chasing Twilight
02. Hand in Hand
03. Painted Butterfly
04. Awake In A Dream
05. Rendezvous
06. Serenade of the Night Sky
07. Looking Back
08. Promise
09. Lonely Road
10. Hope

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
October 13, 2016
Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews