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Instrumental Meditation Review: Ivan Valles-Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta

Release Date: December 4, 2020

Label: Musical Spa


Before listening to meditation music do you ask yourself a series of questions to justify it or does happen with the natural flow of the day? That is the way I have always looked at life when doing certain things. Things do change as time passes; I still do that in some instances especially on my day job. I have to constantly ask myself “What is the most important thing you can do right now?”

With music things are much different. It has become a matter of fact part of my life that I enter into naturally without much thought. So, looking at that from my perspective, that is healthy and good for my mental and spiritual wellbeing. Music, any music, is a spiritual journey for me.  

Music like what you will find on the new Ivan Valles recording Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta could easily become a quintessential part of any day. Many of us need this kind of music to unwind from the day, clear our minds, and get into that space or time capsule if you will and experience a different kind of existence. It is a dimension of peace and can be a spiritual center for many listeners. I know meditation is a discipline, at first it is, then it becomes something you look forward to, kind of like a daily workout, you do it because it gives you good energy and a sense of accomplishment. Music pulls you into a nonphysical space and allows you to focus on mind, body and spirit. This is the core of who we are and it brings us home. I think it can be a glimpse of what our existence will be once we leave our physical bodies.

So, what will one find taking in the sixteen tracks on Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta. First of all, what is Deep Theta? I know many people that are reading this right now know exactly what that is but for those who do not here is some info to explain the difference between different types of music that engages different states of mind…

Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to learning, memory, and intuition. ... In theta we are in a dream; vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond our normal conscious awareness.

Starting at the age of eleven years on the piano to present day through Musical Spa, Ivan Valles has had over 30,000 albums sold, 170,000 song downloads, and 78 million streams. And certainly, that number will exponentially rise.

Based on that information it certainly sounds like it can be a very healing and enlightening experience. This fourth volume of meditation music from Ivan Valles should get you to that deep state of awareness and healing. Think of it as the portal into the soul, our dreams, it is similar to that. Different things are presented to us in our dreams, such as answers to questions, a look into the future or a warning, it is up to us whether or not we take the guidance. This is what this music is, a guide to reach a certain point of consciousness. It is very light and ambient and it gently invites you in and once you are fully relaxed it will sweep you away naturally, it will happen when you have accepted the path and have the full desire to get to that state of mind.

Along the way while listening to these tracks, you will hear sounds of nature folded into the music. After all, it would not be complete without adding the natural sounds we know and love. Those are sounds that touch our inner soul, our humanity and our distinctive connection with Mother Earth.

Meditation Music 4: Deep Theta
  is the teacher and you are the student but you become the master of your destiny by accepting the invitation to another realm of thought and being. It works beautifully if you let it. Think of the music as your magic carpet ride to new and fulfilling destinations. That is the promise of this beautiful journey with the music of Ivan Valles, who holds the key to unlock that doorway.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Review
September 21, 2020

Track List:
01. Sunrise
02. Breathe
03. Inner Balance
04. Lotus
05. Mindfulness
06. Love and Kindness
07. Reflections
08. Seeds of Wisdom
09. Soothing Vibrations
10. Equilibrium
11. Searching for Paradise
12. Intuition
13. Namaste
14. Into the Light
15. Ocean Dreams
16. Warm Embrace

Instrumental Meditation Review: Anaamaly-Urban Metta Vol. 1

Release Date: April 21, 2017
Label: RS Promotions/Heart Dance Records

Phil Strickland is a Phoenix-based recording artist who records under the pseudonym, Anaamaly.  In the video provided the artist introduces his new album Urban Metta Vol. 1. He came from a different genre as indicated by the title however what he does is take all of his knowledge and influences from a different world and creates another.

His desire to make music that was beautiful and a backdrop to his wife’s yoga classes became a reality once Urban Metta Vol. 1 was completed.

I was watching a documentary on musical artist Sheryl Crow and she said that music changes the molecules in your body. I believe this to be true, otherwise how else could you explain the waves of good feelings and emotions a person can have when music is played? It also can change your brain waves, and most certainly the music of Anaamaly does that. Another point of interest is the fact that you do not have to be familiar with the sounds to have a reaction. It works that way for me, particularly with any kind of instrumental music created to connect you to a higher level of consciousness. In addition, it surely can bring you there if you are in an unbalanced state of being.

I do not think there are a lot of us on this plane of existence walking around on higher level of consciousness. There is too much noise and interference to allow that to happen on a large scale. If I ever figure out a way to change that I will be sure to share it readily with my brothers and sisters that enjoy this kind of music. Something prolific must happen on a global scale spiritually for things to change. Music can help or literally lead the cause.

Urban Metta Vol. 1 is recorded by what you would call a non-traditional musician and Anaamaly is the first person to tell you that in the provided video. He comes from a world that is high tech, utilizing beats and electronic sounds that are computer generated. This is very common however for one person to take many sounds created in a digital world and to make it all a work of art is another mountain to climb. This process takes a lot of talent and artistry and cannot be underestimated.

I appreciate the value and presentation of this recording. All the mystical sounds and whirling and whooshing of the synths that take you away, it is like being swept off the ground and floating away on a cloud of relaxation. There is simplicity in the purpose yet the music is a complex combination of emotions and textures packaged into one bundle for you to unfold and absorb.

Every listener has a different vibration and aura thus the music will take on colors that only that individual can see and feel. That is the beauty and gift of instrumental music meant for meditation or for the background for a yoga class.  When a group of people must concentrate, and go inward to attain a level of the spirit to achieve a physical and mental balance that yoga requires, music can be a great tool.

Regardless of what you want to do with the music it does offer a healing process that is either conscious or on a subconscious level and for this listener that is wonderful thing.

4/5 Stars

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
March 26, 2017
Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews


01. I Stand in My Own Power
02. I Walk Through the Fire
03. I Live in the Current Moment
04. I Embrace All Wisdom
05. I Love Unconditionally
06. I Am Grateful For...
07. I Am Lighthearted
08. I Am Perfect Either Way
09. I Am Awakened
10. I Am Surrounded by Abundance
11. I Am Healed on All Levels

Instrumental Meditation Review: Hennie Bekker-Beyond Dreams-Pathways to Deep Relaxation

Release Date: July 22, 2016
Label: Abbeywood Records
Hennie Bekker has a new release titled Beyond Dreams. As explained in the most clear and concise fashion on his website…it combines rhythmic entrainment with melodies that listeners can enjoy while preparing for sleep, meditating, or practicing yoga or general self-exploration. The album contains six tracks comprising sixty minutes of continuous music that is designed to help the listener achieve a deep state of relaxation.

Here is a definition of entrainment: Entrainment in the biomusicological sense refers to the synchronization of organisms (only humans as a whole, with some particular instances of a particular animal) to an external perceived rhythm, such as human music and dance such as foot tapping..

This is not a typical review that I would present. More importantly the music itself is the main tool to reach a level of consciousness that simply cannot be attained in normal daily circumstances. I think to single out any one particular track would not make sense in this case. The six tracks offered, seamlessly flow into another in effect taking six tracks and making it one. I took in this experience a little at a time then all at once. The influences can be significant dependent on your approach. 

Just taking in a track or two is relaxing however if you are looking for sustained focus the best way to enjoy this CD is to get into a comfortable quiet area and put the headphones on and some blinders and then take it all in. I found it to be a beautiful and relaxing experience having the aid of the music to remove me from the stresses and thoughts that were going on inside and around me (in a peripheral sense). The high point of stress and worry in my life found this experience to be timed just perfectly to use the tools before me.

Brainwave Entrainment is the main objective of this music. We need to change the frequencies we are hearing to reset our thought patterns hence changing your overall attitude. It does work and I think what Hennie Bekker has presented here is a gift of music and an opportunity for healing and renewal. There is a lot of music I hear that serves this purpose but the difference here is the scientific aspect and the thought and care that went into how exactly this music will affect you.

This is definitely Beyond Dreams, it is reality, a reality that can change with a little help from Mr. Bekker. Even if you end up falling asleep while meditating there is a positive effect on your body, mind and spirit. The subliminal touches take over once you reach that plane of existence. Any way you look at it this is music that is helpful if you want to take the time to hear it and let your consciousness absorb it and process it.

Beyond Dreams is music that is multipurpose. If you just want to hear some good relaxing music it will serve the purpose, if you are looking for more, the options are there at your disposal.

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: ALL

1. Self Connect
2. Floating to Forever
3. Letting Go
4. The Calm
5. Quiescence
6. Beyond Dreams

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
September 26, 2016
Founder of:

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews