Instrumental Classical Review: Christopher Jessup-Self-Titled EP

Release Date: June 29, 2022

Label:  ‎Independent


After last year’s The First Movements, Christopher Jessup follows that with a self-titled EP with five tracks. 


If you are a fan of the instrumental piano with arrangements from legendary masters such as Debussy, Greig, Haydn, Ravel, and Mozart, then you are in for a treat.


Christopher’s artistry stands firm as he makes his way through each composition. His confidence and abilities are evident as you listen to him play each track in the most fluid and natural way possible. These are complex tracks to present. 

This young man is incredibly talented, and while I heard that in every track, never was it more evident than on “Haydn: Sonata in B Minor, Hob. XVI:32 (I. Allegro moderato).” The fact that it is played solo on piano brings out all the subtleties and color with grace and poignancy.


If covering the masters was not enough proof of the pure talent in this man’s fingers, he presents his composition live off the floor, “Jessup: Le Revenant (original composition).” It runs for 7:01 and is pensive, transient, and leaves you wondering where you will go within that allotted period. That fact makes it more interesting and exciting. It made me think of an earlier type of movie thriller, like an Alfred Hitchcock classic.


By this time, you are convinced you are listening to a seasoned artist on the world circuit performing in symphonies. Christopher closes the curtain on another live performance, clocking in at 7:47, titled “Mozart: Concerto No. 19 in F Major, K. 459 (III. Allegro assai), Ben Rhee (conductor) & Camerata Artists Orchestra.” It is a marvelous display of skill, respect for classical music, and the right way to present in a live setting.


Listening to performers like Christopher Jessup gives one pause to reflect on the importance of classical music and its beauty and perfection. It may be an EP; however, it certainly is ample in time for each track, and it will fill your room and soul with the most beautiful sounds created by people hundreds of years ago. How one person is still enchanted with the genre and what can be accomplished is a credit to its ongoing legacy.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder

October 8, 2022

Track List:

1. Debussy: Minstrels, No. 12 from Préludes, Book 1, L. 117

2. Grieg: Sonata in E Minor, op. 7 (II. Andante molto)

3. Haydn: Sonata in B Minor, Hob. XVI:32 (I. Allegro moderato)

4. Ravel: Sonatine, M. 40 (I. Modéré)

5. Jessup: Le Revenant (original composition)

6. Mozart: Concerto No. 19 in F Major, K. 459 (III. Allegro assai), Ben Rhee (conductor) & Camerata Artists Orchestra

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