New Age Music Review: Denise Young-Passionata

Release Date: February 17, 2014
Label: Dancing Horses Music

In 2012 Denise Young began the journey that would lead her back to Imaginary Road Studios and the Steinway piano awaiting her gifted fingers. Passionata is a tapestry of artful melodies and drifting majesty that will seduce the listener in the first piece. It is a discovery and rediscovery of love that dwells in the hearts of us all. It may fade and die, but will rise again like the budding of new leaves.

Written and composed by Denise Young, she also performed piano on all tracks. Guest musicians include Eugene Friesen, cello on “Above the Clouds,” “Starlight Melody,” “There,” and “Awakened,” Noah Wilding, vocals on “There,” Tom Eaton, bass on “There,” “Starlight Melody,” and “Desire” and Jeff Haynes, percussion on “Awakened,” “Desire,” “Starlight Melody” and “There.” The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios and was produced by Will Ackerman Grammy Award winner, and Tom Eaton.

“Passionata” is the opening track on the album. Tentative piano strokes awaken. The rustling of sheets as the morning sun creeps over the horizon and the first kiss of a lover’s lips as the day breaks. Love blossoms in the heart, a spiraling drift of skirts as they spin out on a dance floor. Notes of music wrap around you like silken gauze. Loving and warm. The purity of passion. The truth of love’s everlasting bounty.

“Above the Clouds” crafts a rhythm within the keystrokes that snares the listener without even trying. Floating piano movements entwine with the elegance of the cello. Steady and filled with flight, this piece takes you away as the cello ramps up amidst the gentle rhythm of the piano strokes. The two marry well, bringing the listener to a place of peace and hope.

“Awakened” is another piece that bears the mark of the cello. Percussive elements, piano and the graceful string movement of the cello blend in artful form and function. Eyes open to the dawn of possibilities. The music speaks and the song spins out, a dancer on point, reaching for the sky, twirling amidst the sparkle of sound.

Passionata is an album filled with artful song and elegant movements. Will Ackerman has produced another staggering work of genius. Denise Young is an artist with vision and her devotion to the Steinway piano shows with every stroke of a finger. Tom Eaton’s mix mastery is well renowned and he didn’t miss a beat with Passionata. This album is a keeper in my music library.

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Passionata, Above the Clouds, Awakened

01 . Passionata
02. Above the Clouds
03. Moon Song
04. The Way
05. Starlight Melody
07. Cobblestones in the Rain
08. Awakened
09. Desire
10. Figure 8
11. Secrets

DanaWright, Sr. Staff Writer

June 16, 2014

Review Provided By New Age Music Reviews

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